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Happy Bloomversary! Let’s Celebrate & Cheers to One Year

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Happy Bloomversary! Let’s Celebrate & Cheers to One Year


Guess what day it is Bloomers? Besides today being my birthday *giggles * Today makes it one year since 'I've entered the world of blogging. YAYYYY!!! *claps hand dramatically * Time is going so quickly! It feels like just yesterday I was writing public journals and posting them on my social media handles. Now, look at us! We are celebrating one year of blogging together. It has been a fun and fantastic learning experience.

 Were it not for your support this would have never happened. Trust me when I say that! On this particular day, I want to thank everyone who has supported me from the beginning of my journey. Persons such as family & friends, my blog readers, mentors, social media followers; and those of you who may not read the blogs but still share them around. You guys are the best.

 I want to give a special and sincere thank you to:

  • Vernique content creator of Coffee & Currency – The one who willingly gave me tips and advice on how to start my blog and recommended a few resources.

  • Benton & Seshakell – My backbones who help with my proofreading and give feedback before releasing any form of content. (I try not to stress them *giggles *)

  • Christy content creator of naturalgoddess242 – My lovely blogging sister who is always willing to give a helping hand and my Starbucks date buddy.

  • Sherice creator of shesomajor – Good God!! Never thought I would meet her in person. But like they say, Never say Never. I think it is safe to say she is my blogging mentor and another content creator willing to share tips and advice on blogging

  • You – for the likes, shares, comments, messages and constructive criticism. Love love love.

 When I first started writing, it was only for therapeutic purposes to express how I felt and to also share words of wisdom. Eventually, it caught on and turned into a blog. I 'didn't know how to start a blog or create a website (100%). I 'didn't know if people even cared about bloggers and would read what is written. Nonetheless, I followed my instincts and prayed on it. So far, so good, I think. What do you think? Let me know. 

 Since I started this journey, it 'hasn't been easy at all. From deciding on what to post on the blog to getting discouraged for many reasons…I 'won't say why, but let's say I lacked some Faith. However, I kept going despite the challenges because, in the end, the award is much greater. There will be more challenges to come, so 'I should suck it up now. LOL. Regardless of me feeling the way I do at times, the heartfelt messages of encouraging words that I receive remind me of why I started writing in the first place. Especially from persons who I 'don't even know or least expected it from; you guys are the real MVP!!!

 Speaking of 1 year, I think it is safe to share my top five favorite blog post.

  1. A Letter from Me to You

  2. Persistence: The Marathon Continues

  3. Self-Hate: Time to Face the Music

  4. Loving You

  5. Bowls of Empty Words: I Love You vs. I Lust You

'Don't get me wrong; I love them all but these five just…ugghhh. *Giggles * 

 My continuing goal for the blog is to inspire and motivate each person who reads it. No matter who you are, no matter the age or gender, you will find no discrimination here. I would hope that one day these words that I write means something to somebody or even possibly save a life. One thing I will let you know now is that I 'don't write on anything false. Everything I write is based on personal experience or any situation I was involved that gave me newfound wisdom. So, there is no fraud in what I write. 

 Now that all my rambling is over once again, I would like to say THANK YOU to YOU ALL!!! For everything and most importantly, your support. 

 Happy Bloomversary to Us & Happy Birthday to Me!!!! 

P.S. This post was made for the 26 August, 2019 but due to issues beyond my control that is why it is now being posted.