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A Walk to Remember

Azaleas Blog


A Walk to Remember


Well, Bloomers would you look at that!! Next month will make a year since I have officially started my blogging journey. Doesn't time go so quickly!!! Feels like it was just yesterday that I got a vision in my head. As a matter of fact, this same time last year (July), I started to write down ideas of what I envisioned my blog to look like. Don't worry, this won't be a long post at all, I promise. 

 It's incredible how my vision became a reality. I never would have thought I would be able to call myself a "writer/blogger." Well, I think it is safe to say that I am. Right? I started out writing mini public journals and posting them onto two of my social media handles; eventually, persons started to tell me to use my words of wisdom for a book or website and here we are now. Two of my close friends offered to help me on the blogging journey, and I couldn't tell them "No" because I know I would need their assistance in some type of way, shape or form. I am genuinely grateful for them *giggles * even though I annoy them sometimes but they love me too much. 

 Anyway... if I had to choose one word or phrase to describe this journey so far, I would say "Learning Experience." Why? Because if I am honest, I had no clue what in the heck I was doing when I started this website. I didn't know how to create a blogging website.  I wasn't a complete master of graphic designing. I wasn't even sure how to create a domain and how to gain ownership of it. None the less, I did the damn thing and thank God for YouTube!!! Seriously guys, if you don't know how to do anything take advantage of YouTube, it can become your best teacher ever!

 I feel like I have grown a lot from blogging and that my blogging has grown with me. The mini accomplishments and small wins I have encountered has made me truly grateful. The best part about being in the "Blogging/Creative World" is meeting persons who are doing the same thing as I am with different niches, goals, and objectives. I was able to connect with many persons from outside of my country and persons in my country. I was able to connect with two fashion designers and got mini endorsements from outside vendors wanting me to try their products. Pretty exciting!!!

 As exciting as it has been for me; unfortunately, a chapter in my life is closing, and a new one is opening very soon for me. With that comes sacrifices…serious sacrificing at that. Sometimes we must make the hardest decisions, where we have to choose between two things we love doing. As for me, I was caught in the middle of that. With that being said Bloomers… I have made the decision to close down my blogging site due to changes that will be happening. As of August 9th, 2019, you will not be able to access the website. So enjoy this last post and past post that I have made because once August 9th comes, they will no longer be available to you. It wasn't easy making this decision, but there come times in our lives where we have to do some serious sacrificing. I decided to sacrifice my blogging. 

 Thank you all again for the love and support you have given me within this past year of me blogging. 

 Yours Truly,


Just joking Bloomers!!!! *giggles * I am not actually closing down my website, but it won't be accessible for a few weeks because the Blooming with Azalea Team are making changes and improvements to the site. With, of course, new projects and opportunities ahead. Stay tuned for the release date of when the site will re-open.