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What's Your Worth?

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What's Your Worth?


Hello Bloomers; welcome back to the blog. I hope all is well with you. I know it has been a while since my last blog post, but I had good reasons. I can't tell you guys yet, but you will be excited later down in a few weeks. Not to mention if you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I recently stood in my beautiful cousins' wedding. Listen your girl was tired and couldn't pick up her computer for anything… I just wanted to sleep. However, none the less I am back and ready to share some motivation and wisdom for you Bloomers. YAYYY!!! *giggles *

In my last post, I wrote a letter called "A Letter from Me to You" if you haven't read it yet click the link and enjoy the message. Since that letter, I have had many persons coming to me saying how much that letter meant to them. I didn't realize the letter was going to be that meaningful for some of you, but I am happy it did. Despite people feeling more hopeful since that letter, I have encountered persons who feel as if they are worthless because they feel stuck in their lives. Let me start by saying: you are not worthless at all…just because you feel stuck in life does not mean you have no worth to you. Point blank Periodt!!! 

 One thing we all need to remind ourselves and something I try to remind myself is that there is a season for everything that happens in our lives. We have four seasons, and no, I do not mean the hotel!!! *giggles * I mean the four seasons of the year which are: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Okay, let me explain, so you understand. 

 When you think of Spring, many thoughts come to your mind. Spring cleaning, allergies, stuffy nose and sneezing, and most importantly, my favorite blooming flowers. In life, I believe we have a spring season. A season where you have cleansed yourself of all negativity, you have fresh ideas, you are now taking the risk that you were scared to make and most importantly everything is starting to go well for you. It's the time where the beginning of life begins. You begin to grow and change, taking up knowledge on the different aspects of life. You learn that everything in life can teach you something different and nourish you. Spring gives nutrients to the world with the sun, rain, the warm air, and cool breezes; like how our parents fed us when we were babies with food and water, gave us affection, provides us with a lovely home, clothed us and kept us warm. Every day children grow and change just like the trees, grass, and flowers. Each day will be different for us. We will have good days and bad days, just as how the weather is not always the same, but each day you grow more, learn a little more and change. Then there is Summer. With this season we know it's usually hot, sweaty, fun and all smiles and a little dehydration and many beach visits. Therefore, in this season in our lives, everything is going smoothly, you are getting noticed for your accomplishments or goals that you have completed. You can finally treat yourself to something nice, and you are all smiles because you are at the height of your roller coaster.  Summer is a time everyone looks forward too. Why? Because we are carefree, there is no school, this where most of our childhood memories come into play. We look forward to being older as teenagers and young adults. We begin to mature and begin to figure out what direction are we going to take in life. We are still growing and learning the different values in life and instilling morals in ourselves; we begin to form who we are as individuals. We can take on more responsibilities and challenges that we will face when we are much older. This is the time where life can show us how beautiful it is.

 Up next, we have Fall. Oh boy!!! The leaves are changing color some are falling, it is starting to cool down a bit, and it's time to get the candy ready for the costume goers (trick-or-treat). During this time of your life season, the excitement you had has now calmed down. Things are starting to go a little slow; now you are thinking, "Now what do I do to get things exciting again?" We are full-on adults who are fully responsible with our foundations set in stone. Or simply, our pig-headedness. We are stronger than we were before; however, we have a long way to go. We have reached a point in our lives where we are more mature, and our physical features are starting to age. We begin to build plans for ourselves of where or what we want in the next few years. Whether it's wanting your own family, how you would run your household and prepare for the final years of your life which will be spent on retirement. Finally, in my Game of Thrones voice, "Winter is coming."Yes, the Winter season is here. It's cold, windy, in some countries and states snowy, dry lips, ashy skin but the best part Christmas and New Years. Now with this winter season of life… everything feels dead, and you are used to everything that was exciting for you, you are now wondering if you should try out new things, you may start to feel discouraged and frustrated depending on the situation. For the most part, you might be having a mini pity party, or you are beginning to feel "stuck and worthless." You are now dropping on the 90-degree angle of the roller coaster. Human winter… can you imagine what I am about to say? Well, you are finally an older adult you may or may not have grandchildren, or you may have a whole lot of cats. *giggles * Life is starting to feel lonely and slow.  Here, you find yourself needing a little extra help from your older children that you once cared for when they were kids. This is the time where you pass the knowledge that you once learned down to the younger generation. You share with them what it means to value their life and to have morals and responsibilities. We begin to cherish our families more and look forward to the Happy Holidays where you won't be so alone. Most importantly, we get excited when night time falls, so we can go to sleep in peace and not worry about the stress life use to cause us when we were much younger with more energy. 

 I hope this helped you all understand the different seasons in life. One thing we must remember about these seasons is that some last longer than others and that is completely fine and normal. Another thing is that every season that we go through will have different results. Each person will have different effects, some persons may have similar experiences, but everyone's outcome is different for the most part. So. Don't compare yourself to another. Depending on how you were in the previous seasons can determine or affect your next season. Always look forward to the new seasons ahead, you never know what positive surprises you will encounter.

 Question for you, when you say the phrase "I feel worthless."Explain to me out loud while reading this post why you feel that way. I want the god, honest truth. For me, I had a few moments where I felt that way, and I said it aloud, but that was because I felt stuck. I felt nothing was going the way I wanted it to and I refused to accept that, that is just apart of life. Nothing goes as we plan for it too. So yeah, I would have mini tantrums or pity parties, and some days I genuinely felt worthless — especially when seeing persons your age "living their best life," so they say. I still have days of feeling stuck because I feel like I could have been further in my life than where I am now but, oh well. Just have to remember it is not the end of the world. The best thing I can do I speak positivity into my life because the universe hears everything!! 

 We all need to learn to have self-worth. We are all worthy of something in this life whether you believe that or not. Do not let anyone tell you differently; take a good look in the mirror and think of what you want for yourself. You know what is that you want and deserve and you need to know that you are worth every single bit of it!! Nothing in this world can define you as an individual or define your worth. It sucks that there are persons out there who think that material things define them, or their degree, or how much money they make. The joke is on them because when you die, those things aren't going with you. I mean they will be known for having money, or having nice things or having a degree, but it still doesn't mean much. There are people in this world doing better than some with a degree. Shocker isn't it. No, it is not! But we won't get into that. 

 Early I mentioned something about self-worth and how we must learn to have it. I figured some of you might want to know what self-worth means. For now, I will give a short definition because it will be something I write about in the future. Self-worth means knowing your value and valuing yourself and being favorable to oneself. Seems like a selfish definition but that's what it means. I believe that without it, you can dig yourself into a hole of sadness or "possibly" depression. Why? This is because you don't see how valuable you are as an individual. You are blind to the fact that you are here on this earth for a reason. All you have to do is find out why. You might get frustrated trying to figure out the answer, but that's fine. You have to look for the signs. If you don't have any self-worth either you need to get a little slap across your face *giggles * I am joking. On a serious note, now is the time to practice gaining some self-worth.

 1.    Practice gratitude 

2.    Acknowledge your smalls wins; It will motivate you for your more significant   accomplishments. No matter how simple it is, celebrate it.

3.    Practice positive self-talks 

4.    Continue to welcome positivity into your life 

5.    Learn to value yourself 

6.    Start to prove to yourself that you do matter no matter the circumstances

 Like I have said in my letter on the previous blog post, "Don't worry about feeling "stuck" we will all have those moments, but as I have said, it will not last forever. You are where you are supposed to be in life right now. We are all struggling. Just remember that there was a time where you were hoping to be in the position you are in now. Just try to look into the positive, you never know you might find your purpose, and you are too blind to see it because you are only focusing on the negative." 

 You are worth more than anything in this world. If you were worthless, you wouldn't be here right now. There is a reason for your presence; trust me. Don't let anyone walk over you and control your emotions. You are worth more than anything money can buy, including gold. Your heart is pure gold, and your smile is brighter than the sun, so it's time to accept it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Don't accompany yourself around persons who make you feel some way and use you to make their self feel better. Do not sacrifice your worthiness for someone who means not a shit to you and your life. Stop blaming yourself for the way others treat you. Just get rid of them. SIMPLE. Pay no mind to social media because half of what we see isn't real. We don't know what they did to get what they have. Trust me, I have plenty of stories of what I thought was the real story, but it wasn't. 

 Smile & recognize your worth.