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Bowls of Empty Words: I Love You vs. I Lust You


Bowls of Empty Words: I Love You vs. I Lust You


Well hello there!! Look who is back for another “Blooming” post by me of course. I am happy you returned. Today I have a special guest who is also one of my good friends; her name is Celeste. Yes!! You are correct I am doing a collaboration post with her but, this isn’t your regular blogging collaboration. Usually bloggers collab with other bloggers but I dare to be different. *evil laugh * No seriously… I like to be different but anyway… Celeste is a poet, and I am a blogger who loves to read poems. I can’t write poems, but I sure do love to elaborate on them and reflect on what it means to me. So with that being said, she did a poem recently and posted it to her poetry Instagram account, and I decided to hit her up and let her know I would love to write a blog post about the poem, what it means and how it can relate to many persons in the “dating” world.  Below is the poem she wrote herself; after you read the poem, we will get straight into my blog post about it. Are you ready? I am. *giggles *

Wasn’t that a great poem? I think so too. I know some of you may be thinking “What does this poem mean?”, “Is it about love?”, “Is it about heartbreak?” or maybe “Is this poem about lust?” Well, my beautiful and handsome flowers… I have no idea. I didn’t ask my friend what the poem means because I wanted to figure it out myself and interpret what it means to me. Hence why I named this blog post “Bowls of Empty Words: I Love You vs. I Lust You.” My first thought of the poem was initially heartbreak and had to do with someone loving the other, but the more I read the poem, and the more I read deeper into it I feel like it’s about Lust. In reality, some persons confuse Love for Lust which isn’t good. However, there are some persons out there who like to hear the words “I love you”; knowing that whoever is saying it to them doesn’t mean it, but they like those empty words to feel whole and full. In actuality its just pure lust so really that person is really saying “I lust you.” Do you get what I am saying? If not continue reading so you can understand my interpretation of this beautiful poem and what I mean by “I love you vs. I lust you.”

 Physical Lust. The first thing you notice on them is their appearance. The way they walk, talk, lick their lips, the shape of their body amongst other physical traits that gravitate you towards them. “Salivating at the formation of parted lips” sounds like that person is a whole “meal” for you to be drooling over them, my gosh. Anyway… this line in the poem is straightforward even though it sounds complex; it is simply saying that the physical features of that person entice you. They have you feeling some type of “way.” Almost like when you finally see the waiter or waitress comes with your food and you automatically start thinking about how you are going to devour that meal. Yes. Yes, I do look at food with lust, knowing that it’s going inside my tummy. YUMMMMYY! The next line says “Your eyes do not glimmer, but only reflect a wanting face.” Celeste, girl this line is deep. Your eyes do not glimmer…hmmm. The stare is white; they notice the person physically but do see nothing else. Simply a reflection of what they want. What can that be exactly? Well. It can be someone they just want to make love to, feel their body not only the outside but the inside of their body as well. “Too much detail?” I am not sorry. The “eyes” are used a metaphor. I know you are confused like, What? Meaning the eyes are actually the window to ones’ soul. Their eyes do not brighten when they see you. They just look at you from a surface point and very shallow; they see you but not so much you. They only see you physically, your physical embodiment; that person doesn’t see you from a deep point, wanting to see your transparency. Are slowly starting to understand where I am going with this poem? Please say yes!!! *giggles * If not that’s okay! Let continue, shall we?

 “Growling echoes from the depths of my caged heart. I am insatiable. You tell me what I want to hear. “I Love You.” Empty words from you that make me FULL. I eat bowls of it”. You know what’s good for you and your soul and you also know what’s not good for you and your soul. However, even though its bad for you it still gives you that “feeling” or that “rush” of being wanted but it's not the good kind. “Empty words I Love You,” you feed off of meaningless words knowing its empty and it means nothing from who said it to you. So you fool yourself into thinking these words are filling you but, the question is “What exactly is filling you?” Is it the imagery you put in your mind thinking that you are loved? And even though these words are filling you and the bowl remains empty the only thing that is filling that “bowl” is Lust.  The reality is they aren’t saying “I love you” but “I lust you.” This person is not good for you, but your soul is so hungry for that so-called “love” and affection you would take that lust for anything and treat it like love. Hence why your bowl is full of empty words and you eat so much of it.

 *smiles proudly * So… what do you guys think? How was that for an interpretation of the poem? Do you understand the poem now that I explained my take on what it could mean? If you said “yes” I am glad and if you didn’t… I don’t know what to say. *giggles *. I enjoyed this poem. It speaks much volume. Like I said earlier, there are persons out there who feed off of lust and treat it like love; knowing they don’t mean what they say. Love and Lust are entirely different but when a person is hungry for that passion, sex and excitement they can fool their self into thinking its something it isn’t. Don’t be like that and if you are a person who is in denial of doing it STOP. It is not good for you because how will you recognize real love when it comes? Or will you treat it like an empty bowl?


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