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Don't Let The Dream Die

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Don't Let The Dream Die


A dream is a wish your heart makes.
— Lily James

Do you have dreams and goals that you want to accomplish? Do you feel like you've actually let some of those dreams go because they were too big? How much do you believe in your self to know that you can actually accomplish these dreams?

Never let your dreams die. Sometimes life hits you in unexpected ways that might cause you to give up hope, but at the end of the day, you have to push forward to see those goals/dreams come true. I know that it feels like it’s taking a year and a century even to feel like one of your goals or dreams are close enough to touch, but trust me it's there. We just need more patience, that's all. As a matter of fact, I think a lot of people, including myself, need to learn to have patience, but we can and will accomplish that together. Whatever you do, just don't give up because you are having a short of patience. Lack of patience can put an end to dreams before they even start.

broken phone .jpg

 Giving up on your dream because of one set back is like giving up on your phone because of one little crack. Do you throw away the phone or do you use it despite's its cracks? You use it until you either get a new phone, or you change the screen... Right? So, why would you give up on that dream because of one set back? Don’t let the dream die! Keep working, saving, fighting, believing and most importantly, praying. I don’t care what obstacles you are experiencing, even if it looks like all odds are against you, don’t let it die. Just take it one day at a time, with your head goal/dream at a time.

 The thing is, you always have to believe, even when you have no more hope left in you. Every dream starts with a dreamer, you have the: power, passion, patience, and strength to let that dream of yours become a REALITY. You may be terrified to put your dreams into action but like Nike says, "Just Do It" but try to do it confidently. Just know when the dream becomes a reality, nobody can ruin that happiness for you. Continue to dream big every single day of your life. It does not matter how small or significant the action is. All of those actions will add up at the end of the day, you cannot see it now but in due time.

 Don’t just dream the dream. Act on those dreams, don't just expect to sit there and BOOM!! The dreams fall into your lap. Sadly, It really doesn’t work that way, even though I wish it could work that way. Write out your dreams and how you want to accomplish them. Literally, write them out. Don't type it out on your phone or your computer. Be old fashioned like me, write those small and big dreams out and create a plan on how to make them a reality. It really isn't that hard to do. Don't be lazy, just do it, don't ask anyone for help, this is something personal that you need to do on your own. Once those dreams are written up, put them into action. You will have difficult roads and obstacles but don't let that deter you. Nothing comes easy in life. Another thing, don't focus on the "I can't do this because…", "I am not strong enough to do this" etc. Focus and put all your energy on to your strengths. These same strengths will help you overcome your obstacles and any setbacks you may encounter.

Spend time building what you are good at. No, like seriously you really should focus on that. Once you know you are good at something, all you need to do is improve on it, to build your character. In that way, you would have more courage to face those big dreams and make them the reality. Do you find that “When you love something, and you are good at it you tend to accomplish more?”. It's like a motivational boost of some sort or, its like the first time making fire with sticks. The point is to focus on what you love doing and build that character and let them help you accomplish those BIG DREAMS you have. Once that fire starts burning, it won't stop, unless you stop it yourself. Just keep adding gas and wood to your fire.

Photographer: Odette

Photographer: Odette

 To add to these petals of inspiration and if you don't remember anything else I say on this post, please remember this part. Your environment is your most significant influence on how you act upon your dreams and goals. Keep it green. With that being said, only keep positive people around you. The ones who support you and your dreams no matter how big or small they seem. Not the ones who doubt you and shut your ideas out. No, you don't have to prove them wrong by accomplishing your dreams and shoving it in their face but be humble when you do achieve them. I know for me especially, in recent times, I only want positive persons around me who support and uplift me. The ones who push me beyond my limits because they know I can do it. Even when I feel like giving up, they help me along the way. It shows me they believe in me and my "crazy" big dreams. If you feel like you don’t have a support system and no one believes in you, that’s fine. Accomplish those dreams on your own just don’t let the dream die.

I BELIEVE IN YOU (friends, Strangers or acquaintance). Just work hard. You never know, the beginning of your dream that you’ve been praying for may start tomorrow.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

What are you doing to accomplish your big dreams?

Do you have a positive environment around you?