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Seek Success Not Revenge

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Seek Success Not Revenge


Do you seek revenge or success? What is your reason for seeking that revenge? Is that going to make you any better than the person who hurt you? Why not seek success and know that “karma” will deal with the rest? Do you know how to accomplish success?

* Sips tea*. This tea is so good. If you never tried an herbal mango flavor tea, please go and get some it will change your life. Anyway… HEY EVERYONE!! Welcome back to my blog. I hope all is well with you. Today as we “Bloom” together we will be talking about seeking success and not revenge. So, let’s start by defining some words, shall we? Success is the accomplishment of a goal or purpose that was a favorable result. Revenge being absolutely petty and tit for tat (I am joking) but on a serious note; revenge is the action of offending or hurting someone in return for the wrong they did to you. With that being said I am sure once in our lifetime we have had someone “bully” or offend us about something. Whether it was about the way we looked, how we may speak or simply judging us and thinking we wouldn’t become something great in life. Of course, that would make you upset, and either two things would happen: you choose to ignore their ignorant self or seek revenge and show them who's boss and what you are made of. The question is “Are you only aiming to be successful for revenge or are you genuinely doing it for yourself?” If you answered and said both well that’s fine but why waste energy on the revenge instead of just focusing on putting 100% into being successful at whatever it is you want to do and what they may have doubted you on. Trust me sooner or later they will notice. Keep in mind that success is not all about being rich and famous or both, but we will get into that soon enough. Stay tuned!!

In your days of growing up, you may hear your parents say to you, “Success is the best revenge.” I know my mum use to tell me this a lot especially while in high school. And I agree with the statement but, that does not mean to seek revenge literally. I understand you may be hurt about what they may have said/done to you, but it really isn’t worth the stress. It really does not make any sense seeking revenge unless you are really feeling petty (I am guilty of being petty so do not feel bad). Be the bigger person. Don’t worry about what others are saying to you block it out and ignore them; I know it can be hard to do this at times, but we must all learn to IGNORE! You will be successful despite what they say to you. Unless you actually believe what they are saying to you is true and that shouldn’t be. Trust yourself and know YOU will make it. Let me ask you this, “What is the point of you seeking revenge?” and “Is it helping your ego at all, realistically speaking?” *crosses leg on the couch *, “Yes I am waiting for you to answer me.” What people fail to understand is that even after you’ve “accomplished” all that revenge and you are now well established and “successful” you as an individual can lose it all. You were so focused on getting back at those people and trying to prove them wrong, you have actually lost sight of the real reason why you want to be successful. That reason should be for you and your own happiness, not those ignorant persons. Remain humble my flowers, because that success can be taken away in the blink of an eye. If you are still not convinced why you shouldn’t seek revenge here are my six reasons why you shouldn’t.

1.    It won’t make you feel any better - short term it may make you feel better but not in the long run. Just put that energy elsewhere and move on in good positive spirit.

2.    It will bite you back – whatever choices you make with your actions can put you in harm’s way. Think about it. Every time you seek revenge on that person, it will only cause un-called for drama.

3.    You are wasting time – “why are you putting so much effort into hurting the ones who hurt you.” Just let it go and use that energy on something that will give you an even better result, such as happiness.

4.    Karma is a “B” - karma will do the dirty work for you so, you don’t hurt your sweet head.

5.    Two wrongs don’t make a right – this is not chemistry or math where the results turn into a positive. This is the reality. STAY FOCUS. Two wrongs do not make it right it will end terribly. Just be the bigger person.

6.    What goes around comes around – you seek revenge on the person/s who hurt you then they intentionally do it back to you and then “guess what?” the cycle repeats itself. Do not get caught up in that loop. That loop only works when it is your favorite song, and you have it on repeat. (listen to Justin Timberlake song called: What Goes Around… Comes Back Around).

Honestly, if you still aren’t convinced by my reasons you need to be SAVED by the Holy Spirit and Deliverance by the Lord himself. Amen.

“Success is a series of small wins.”- Unknown. “Let us go for a walk outside in my garden.” You see my blooming flower success is not all about having fancy things or having all the money in the world. You can be the richest person in the world and still not be successful in other things. However, if you are on the road to being successful and you get wealthy along the way then good for you. Can you share some of that wealth with me, please? * giggles * I am only joking. I know you may be thinking “So Odette what is a success all about to you?” and that is a great question. Success to me is basically anything that causes you to be happy and make you feel like you have achieved everything. Everything such as:

1.  Accomplishing all your goals and dreams

2. Achieving your dream job

3. Getting married

4. Starting one big happy family

5. Being able to travel somewhere even if it is for a day or two

So you get the idea where I am going with this. Right? If not, you know what that means…STORY TIME!!!!!

Well technically this isn’t a story-time but more so about one of my favorite movies called You Again; Starring: Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Olsen Sigourney Weaver, and Odette Yustman. Yes, there is an actress who has my name. * giggles *. I won’t say what the movie is about but if you are interested to know just click the green link with the movie name title.  Now to get to the point on why I chose this movie; the mother played by Jamie Lee Curtis and the aunt played by Olsen Sigourney Weaver they used to be best friends in high school until senior year prom. However, that friendship ended because of a guy of course. Once they later reunited you find out that both were successful in their own lives, but there was jealousy on both sides of the spectrum. Here is a quick mini table so you can see the comparison:

The Mother played by: Jamie Lee Curtis

·              Happy  marriage & never divorced

·              She had 3 Kids: 2 adults & 1 Teenager

·              Husband was a doctor

·              Was popular in high school & won at everything  

·              Prom queen back in high school

·              Went to prom with the cutest guy in high school at their high school prom

·              House wife

The Aunt played by: Olsen Sigourney Weaver

·              Was  married & divorced

·              No children, she only had her niece

·              Millionaire and owned several hotels

·              Shadow of her best friend from high school & didn’t win much in high school

·              Didn’t  win prom queen

·              Had  a crush on the cutest guy in high school

·              Her own boss

So based on this table above you can kind of see why both were jealous of each other. Right? Great!! So as they begin to argue they both call out each other saying why they were both jealous of each other; also the aunt seeked revenge to be more successful than her ex-best friend (who plays the mother) because of everything that happened in high school. However, they both realize they are happy for one another, and they are both successful in their own personal lives. The only difference was: one person was really wealthy, and the other was wealthy but not as much. My whole point of using this movie is so that you blooming flowers understand there are different ways to be successful in this lifetime. It does not make sense to be jealous of the other person because if you get to the root of it all, they may be jealous of you despite all the wealth they may have. Also, it really does not make sense putting all your energy into revenge because you eventually realize you are doing more damage to yourself than the other person. See why I said, “it is a waste of energy seeking revenge.”

Question for you; “Do you know how to accomplish success?” Take your time to think and answer the question. I will wait… *sits under the tree *. If you aren’t sure on how to accomplish success here are some of my personal ways, I think you can.

1.    Believe in yourself

2.    Don’t just talk the talk, you must walk the walk

3.    Accept failure, learn from it and remember that success can actually come from failure

4.    It is not a race. You will get there so just have some patience with yourself. Have perseverance (having persistence on something despite the difficult obstacles)

5.    Take care of yourself mentally and physically.

6.    Reevaluate your goals. Things happen that may need you to change your path and goals on a few things.

7.    Be disciplined. Stay focus and try not procrastinate (even though I am guilty of such)

8.    Work hard and play hard. There is nothing wrong about celebrating your own personal successes and accomplishments; no matter how big or small. It will help you stay motivated.

9.    STAY HUMBLE!!!!

10.    Remain faithful and pray. Work without prayer is dead. * shouts Amen to the sky *

I really hope these help you to achieve whatever success you want in life even if it’s a lot about getting rich.  I support you on whatever you decide but like I said if you are doing it to seek revenge… don’t do that, please. Be the bigger person. Like my mum always says, “The best revenge is the success.” Just be humble there is no need to throw it in their face.

As I conclude and sprinkle some petals of love into your life, remember that seeking revenge is a waste of energy despite everything that person may have done to you. I understand that it may have caused some trauma to you, but it is always better to be the bigger person; forgive and forget. “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”- Mahatma Gandhi

What does success mean to you?

Do you believe karma can be on your side once you let it do its job?

How do you plan to accomplish your success?

What are your thoughts on the movie “You Again”?