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When a Door Closes Another One Opens

Azaleas Blog


When a Door Closes Another One Opens


Have you ever woken up one morning and found that a door has closed in your life? What about, a door you thought would stay open until you were ready to close it? Trust me on this, you are NOT alone, I promise!! When I say a closed door, I mean things that ended unexpectedly in your life. That is, being fired from a job, a scholarship being taken away, a relationship ending etc. When things like this happen in our lives, we tend to think “What the hell is going on?”, “Why is this happening to me?” or, “What did I do to deserve this?”. 

The truth is, it is not your fault and there are times we fail to understand why. You see my Blooming flowers; we tend to think that when door/s begin to close on us, that means everything in our lives will be a negative turn out. For some, we may think that it’s the end of the world (but it’s not) and that’s okay. We all have feelings and we are all entitled to those feelings but don’t let it consume you. The truth is, we must learn to accept the ending of things, accept the fact that the door is closing. Why? You may ask, because it is time for a change and God is ready for you to move onto another path and open a new door. Remember God is in control. Instead of thinking of it in a negative sense think about the positive. Especially if you are a person who prays a lot and asked God to direct you on to the right path in life. This is what HE is doing whether you see it that way or not. I would say, be thankful for what happened. Be thankful that you got the experience, be thankful because you know a bigger and better door is coming. Some things just have to happen for the betterment and growth in our lives. It is the beginning of a new chapter so, get excited!!! * giggles a little *. 

 I will be completely honest with you; I have had many experiences where I constantly had doors closing in on me. It felt like every door I turned to just slammed me in the face and with no warning. It was to the point where it felt like I was being punished for something I didn’t even do, but I had no choice to keep my head up high, smile, and keep moving forward. Regardless of what was going on. * wipes tear away *.  There is something we should all remember when times like these happen, just stop for a moment and remember how far you have come in life. Every time you were rejected by someone or something, you are most definitely being redirected to something better. Now for you people who keep banging and kicking on that ONE DOOR…..PLEASE STOP!!!!! Maybe knock on it once or twice maybe three if it’s that serious to you but Like seriously, whatever is behind that door, is not meant for you or you are simply not ready for it. Maybe you are worth more than what’s behind that door. BUT WAIT!! There is more. 

Have you ever thought about the hallway? Yes, the hallway. After a certain door closes and your waiting for the next door to open, what do you do in the waiting process? The hallway is just as important as the door you know. During your time in the hallway, don’t stress yourself about the negatives trying to figure things out. Don’t just sit there sulking or being sad. Work on yourself in the meantime, mentally prepare your mind for whatever may be coming, because like I said, it will be bigger and better. Learn a new language, try yoga or just get into a new hobby. Make memories and evolve.  Just keep yourself busy and spend less time focusing on waiting for the door. That hallway is the evolution. The middle of where you are standing now, what you just left and what’s ahead of the horizon. Not all hallways have to be dark with no light. Honestly, you my Blooming flower, need to find some source of light in that hallway. The light doesn’t even have to be that big. It can be as small as a lighter or as big as the sun, but please find that light or you will be down for a long time. Everything happens for a reason and you are where you are suppose to be right now in life. Don’t worry about anyone or anything else, it will all make sense one day and you will look back and smile for what has transpired. 

Just a little side note for you Blooming Flowers. I know that some of you may be looking at these door closings and unfortunate losses as hardships. Some of you were even hoping for a “forever happily ever after” and some of you actually needed that job or opportunity, but I promise something better is coming.

 There is always going to be a horrible storm but think about the sunshine that is coming.
— O.A.B