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Falling into Autumn

Azaleas Blog


Falling into Autumn


Bloomers!!! I'm back. *smiles excessively * these past few weeks have been crazy for me and time consuming mentally. So, if you were wondering if I disappeared from writing, the truth is I did. Fear not I am here. Just in time for the Autumn season, my favorite time of year. Where the leaves are golden brown, the weather is finally cooler, I can eat all the candy in the world, drink cinnamon spice chai tea and watch horror movies all day and night.

 Besides that, Autumn is my favorite because this is the time for self-reflection, change in environment, and flip over a new leaf. This is something that I hate sometimes doing, but it is very much needed. Personally, I only hate it because this is a time where I have to face myself and basically call myself out on my own doings. A time where the excuses I once made for myself are no longer allowed. Most importantly, a time to start killing off dead weight to things I will no longer accept in my life and one-self. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to cut my hair off, even though there are persons who do that. I might dye my hair *giggles * or possibly change up a few things like my wardrobe or just try new things. Who knows… I am always doing something crazy.

 Nonetheless, you get the idea of why I love the Autumn season. In nature, fall is a time of death, a time where dead leaves drop off, and things just seem dry; however, it is also a time of rebirth. This is a time for you, my Bloomers, to reflect on yourself and reflect on what you see. Things that need to change in your personal growth. It's now time for you to get more focused on yourself and prepare for the change that is coming. It will be scary, and you may not recognize yourself for some time, and some persons may even tell you that you don't seem like yourself, and that is completely fine. They may not understand what is going on with you, but it's not the end of the world, once you know what is going on with yourself.

 This is the perfect time to reflect on your past and start planning for your future. Think about your life goals, including the ones you haven't achieved as yet, and prioritize your time to get them accomplished. Autumn is the time to get back on track and start focusing on what's important again. Kill off the distractions, get rid of negative influences, and remember it’s time for a change. Challenge yourself to something new every day that may help with the changes you decide to make.

 Take a break from all social media platforms for 24 hours. Go outside and enjoy the cool breeze, take a walk to the park, beach, or wherever. Go a day without makeup or weave that includes no brows or lashes, ladies!! Males… get the hell off your game and do something fun. Whatever you consider fun, that does not involve playing your game all day every day. *giggles * Don't look at me like I am crazy! I am very serious about YOU. Just do it. You may even surprise yourself. I am doing these things myself. I can already notice a little difference in myself, and I love it.

 Whatever changes are coming to you this season, welcome them with open arms. If it's a new job, a new workout routine and diet plan, a new relationship, or rekindling a spark between you and your partner enjoy it. I mean, come on… who wouldn't want to relight that fire between their partner and themselves? It is cuddle season anyway. 

 I have a question for you, Bloomer. This is only if you do this anyway… Why do you wait until New Years to make changes to your life and create new goals? (Leave your answer in the comments below). Why not do it in the Autumn Season? I mean, think about it, there isn't anything wrong with New Years, but Autumn Season is the time where everything is changing literally. The weather, the trees, the stores are selling warmer clothes, and all your local coffee shops are changing up their flavors. The world is basically changing around this time. Me personally, I think Autumn is a better time for change because, like I said, everything else is changing. Not to mention, it's a calmer season where you can relax a bit and try to gain more tunnel vision. As your environment starts to change, you would notice slight changes in yourself too. Fall is a reminder that life is an ever-changing cycle, so reflect on your existence and purpose. Now, I am from The Bahamas, where the coldest it gets is maybe low 70's high 60's if Mother Nature is feeling good. Nonetheless, my Bahamian people do not like the cold, so they will stay inside and just stay semi-warm if they could. This is the perfect time for you Bloomers to bond with family and try new ice breakers with one another and try to do some self-improvement activities while laying up in your bed, avoiding the cold.

 Even though New Year's is considered a time for change because duh!! It's a brand new year. It is viewed as a time of stillness and calmness. Why? Because by this time it is the Winter Season. Where everything is on pause or in most countries, everything is frozen. This is a perfect time for you to rest yourself, practice patience, and prepare yourself for what's ahead. Just like how most animals go into hibernation; this is a time for you to hibernate mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Just breathe. Meditate and let your mind wander positivity. The results may surprise you. Throw out the past, especially the negatives that can now be water under the bridge, and in the words Elsa, "Let it Go!!!!!". 

 I won't ramble too much longer but start looking at the Autumn season as a time for change in your life. I know many things are changing in my life this season; some of these changes have me terrified, and some have me feeling a little excited. Either which way, I'm excited to see what this season brings to you and me.

 My challenge for you Bloomers this season is too:

  1. Spend a day on self-reflection. Turn off your phone for that day.

  2. Write down the goals you haven't accomplished yet and add any new ones you have

  3. Take a selfie of your bare naked true self and @ me on Instagram

  4. Write me one thing you want to change and how you plan on achieving that change

  5. Say "No" to something you really don't care to do

  6. Do something you loved doing when you were a kid

Change is needed to grow, evolve, and progress; but the end result is always beautiful.

— Azalea