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The universe you see starts with yourself. How you may view yourself impacts the way you view “your world” greatly. Search yourself. Do love/fancy the way you look. Do you hate the way react? That is okay! What is important is that you make sure you are aware of your greatest features and your biggest flaws. When you go beyond what you love or hate about yourself. You become able to focus on acceptance. Accepting yourself for who you are and allowing the love to naturally form in your life. The journey to understand your infinite self begins with understanding who you are and changing for the better.

Self-Care : A New Music Playlist


Self- care is self-compassion. It is focusing on yourself in a non-narcissistic way. Paying close attention to yourself and putting your needs and self before others. It's knowing who you are as an individual; this includes the ins and outs of you and your limits.

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Self-Hate: Time to Face the Music


Yes. It is time to face the music; the truth about self hate and what it can do to a person. This Is not my common blog post theme. It will be different from my usual post. This conversation may get emotional and real so bare with me.

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