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Taking Chances


The Mandala Flower represents life in its fullness. The stream of energy from the universe to all human beings. With this energy we are given an infinite amount of choices to make, that ha their own outcomes. But we are never given a limit to one choice. We have a magnitude of chances to decide what is the best preference for us. As human beings we create the change we want all within the infinite circle of life known as the “Mandala

Taking Chances


When was the last time you took a chance on something? Are you taking chances to get where you need to be? How are you shooting your shot in life; with relationships, moving to another country, etc.? Are you willing to risk it all for that one thing?

 Hello, my Blooming Flowers!!!!! Welcome back to my blog. By now you can see the topic for today is… “Taking Chances.” Who is excited? I am, and you should be too. Let’s go for a walk in my garden and get started, shall we? * opens garden gate*. Let me ask you this, “When was the last time you took a chance at something in your life?”. It could be taking a chance at starting your own business, applying for a new job, publishing that book everyone told you about or even posting that poem you kept hidden for so long. What about risking your old life for a new life in an entirely new country and moving there. Like seriously, I want you to answer that question. * waits for a response* Taking chances, in my opinion, is such an essential part of our growth and development. Reason being that, how will we ever know if something is for us if we don’t at least try. You don’t always have to listen to what others tell you, especially if it ’s negative. It’s your life, your mistakes, your choice, and your everything.

 Let us sit by the pond and feed the ducks. *sits by lake*. Let me just say this to you, you should never waste the chances you get in life. I always think about taking different chances in life although I have that “what if” in the back of my head; but that’s what it’s about, taking that risk and overcoming that “what if” fear.  Even if you take that chance and it is wrong the first time. Sometimes we get a second opportunity to do it over. Learn from it the first time and be even better. Take chances in relationships, especially romantic ones, you never know where it might lead.  However, for those toxic relationships that you keep running back to just because you feel like they are the “one” does not necessarily mean you have to be together and get your happy ending with them. Sometimes that happy ending doesn’t mean a second chance but a chance to end things right and close that chapter and for god sake MOVE ON!!!

 If you were to get the opportunity to take a chance that can positively change your life, then just do it already. I would prefer to make a choice to make a change that can give me a chance to better myself than to regret it. Believe me, I am just learning to bite the bullet and take chances in life, and because of this, I rather tell you to do it before you really miss out on an opportunity. Even if the odds are against you, sometimes we must put ourselves out there. It will not be easy or fun, but that is so fine. As a matter of fact, it can free you to do whatever it is you want, a chance to be free and liberate. I mean come on, who doesn’t like to be free? If you just answered and told me “no” something is wrong with you. I am only joking. But on a serious note, who doesn’t love to be free to do whatever it is in life that they want to do, be a free spirit for once get outside your comfort zone. Let me put this out there now, you will mess up, you will be judged, but that is what life is about. In this life. There are so many chances we can take. So here are 10 chances you should be taking in life:


1.         Intuition: trust it. Life is about taking chances, you lose some, and then you win some.

2.         Believe in yourself

3.         Keep moving forward: take baby steps

4.         Goals = Priorities: focus on them

5.         Work Hard: it will pay off in the end

6.         Don’t dwell on failure: Get right back up and keep pushing

7.         Be kind: even to persons who did you wrong. You may need them one day. (this happened to me)

8.         Finding Love: why not? There is someone out there for you. I didn’t say search the highs and lows looking desperate, but put yourself out there and find your soul mate. You don’t even have to date them right away but just watch and see what is out there. You may also find the “perfect” one for you. Think about it

9.         When a door closes, another opens: oh look!! I made a post about it. Click the green link and read about it. But hey look at it this way, another chance to make a change.

10.   Accepting where you are in life: yes, this is a chance you should take. To just live in the moment and appreciate what is for the time being until something else comes up.

If you haven’t started taking any of the chances yet maybe, you should start. You just might see a difference happening in your life. But you won’t know until you try. There is a song that I like called “Take a Chance” by Flume ft. Little Dragons. This song is everything to me because it speaks about being able to take chances and having demands in your life. They even talk about spilling your heart and thoughts out. I guess that means letting persons know, or that special someone knows how you really feel about them or any situation in that matter.

 Let’s go to the Jasmine garden for a while, I need to water the flowers anyway. *leaves pond area *. We speak so much about chances but what about risking everything for that one thing? I mean yes, we take chances, but what about those daredevil risks that we question all the time. We should be willing to take the risk at times, but what I think is holding us back from it is that we look at all the negative. We shouldn’t do this at all because they may lead to something good then again it may lead to something not so good, but it doesn’t matter!! The most significant risk in life is not taking a risk at all. There are many risks in our lives that we come across however the questions are: “Are we ready to be vulnerable?”, “Are you willing to take the hardest path?”, “Are you ready to risk the fact that you may not be good enough?” or the bigger question, “Are you willing to lose some friendships in the process of risking it all for that one job”? I will wait for you to answer those questions honestly. Its okay, take all the time you need. Not too much though, this sun is scorching. *giggles*. Now that you have answered those questions let's look at 6 risks we should take in life.


1.        Open up for once! And be vulnerable: communicate with that person and express how you are feeling. It’s good to be sensitive to your partner so they can: see, love and cherish the real you. You should risk giving all of you to someone you wholeheartedly love. That way you understand how deep love can possibly be.

2.         Take the empty road: YES! Take the bare, dry, crusty road. There are times when you should take the more difficult route. Why? Because it has not been figured out yet or some would say “mapped out.” Thus it will make you use your intellect, perseverance, luck, and sense. You might risk not getting there on your time, but the end result is so worth it. Bonus, if you meet someone struggling on the path you were on; you can guide them and encourage them not to give up.

3.         Not good enough: we usually experience a situation where we question ourselves on are we good enough. To be honest either you are good enough, or you are not good enough; sadly, that’s how it is. You won’t know how good you are until you take the risk and try. Even if you aren’t, at least you know how much more work you need to put in, so that you can grow and prosper.

4.         Just launch it, it’s never too early: we always want things to be perfect before we release our business or products to the public; that’s not always the case. No one ever has everything perfect before or after release. They just don’t mention it. When publishing my website, I thought everything was perfect with no more clinks to straighten out; but I was wrong. However, everyone loved my site so far. With that being said, depending on the feedback you receive, that determines how perfect anything really is. So launch it early and risk it not being perfect. At least the critical feedback will help you make everything perfect!

5.         You don’t know: that’s fine. We don’t know everything. The only thing you are risking is people knowing and commenting on you for not knowing. Look on the bright side all you have to do is ask and learn for a few minutes or an hour. Just like magic you have some knowledge on what you didn’t know.

6.         Losing a friend in the process: honestly, I have experienced this, but it didn’t hurt me. Trying to balance friendship with work can be very difficult. Unfortunately, one or the other may still suffer in the end. If they are upset with you and can’t understand you have pressing priorities then, BYE!! They should realize that you may go “MIA” for a while to get your work done. Just appreciate the times you guys do spend together.

After explaining all of that to you; “Are you ready to risk some of these things in life or no?” I know I am ready to risk a few more things in my life. Reason being that I always play it safe and usually get scared, nervous or shy and that shouldn’t be. I guess for me. Personally, it is a pride thing; not wanting to be embarrassed or rejected. And you know what? That’s okay because I am human and that happens. It is just a matter of me putting all those feelings aside and JUST DO THE DAMN THING!

 Speaking of just doing the damn thing here are reasons why you should risk things in life:

1.         Success

2.         Shows confidence and you stand out

3.         Overcome that fear of failing

 Let’s go back inside…outside is too hot. * locks up the garden, goes inside*. In the end, my Blooming Flowers, sometimes we just need to take chances in life. Even if we don’t succeed in whatever it is we are trying to accomplish. Just go and do it. You won’t know what can happen until you try, so just make up your mind now and do the DAMN THING!!!! Remember you don’t always have to play it safe, sometimes you have to play dirty and break the rules. Mistakes will happen it’s a part of life. Your job is to accept, grow and learn from it. The only regret you will have is not taking that chance or opportunity. “No one ever became a success without taking chances.” - Estée Lauder

 What chances are you going to take?                                   

Are you ready to risk it all or risk some things to get where you want to be?

What reasons do you have for taking risk?

Are you ready to face the fact that you may not be good enough?