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Complaining Leads Us to a Dark Place

Sunday Reflection

Complaining Leads Us to a Dark Place


Why do we complain? How much do you complain in a day? Did you know that complaining can often lead us to dark place?

Complaining. The art of fussing over something even when it is out of our control, and we still get irritated about it. Even better, whining about something you want, when you already have everything in the world you could ever imagine. Everybody complains (poor, middle/average and the rich) but the question is, “Why do we do it so much?”. From the simplest thing to the most complicated situation, we just complain or give attitude. All I can say is do your best and find satisfaction in the position you are in. Deal with what is in your context, meaning, whatever you can control focus on that. If it is not in your setting and you have no control over it, just let it be, no matter what or how complicated it is. Don’t stress and don’t complain (I am still learning this too don’t worry) you are not alone.


“Have you ever hit rock bottom so hard and when I say hard, I mean the blackest pits of rock bottom?”. All of a sudden, you have this BIG vision/dream. That is actually a message from God himself. Keep in mind, you would want to share this vision but, I suggest you don’t, so people don’t knock you down or make you doubt God’s intentions for you. Anyway, God puts you at rock bottom for a reason. Reason being that you can discover your purpose and begin to work on it and, to also learn from it. I understand that hitting rock bottom can be the most frustrating thing in this day and time of the world. However, I want you to not think of the difficulties and the stress, don’t even complain. Just sit back for a moment and meditate for a while. Don’t blame anyone, not even yourself, just breathe and think. What can be the reason “why?” you hit rock bottom. Mind you now, like I said before it wasn’t your fault even if it was…. “what happened and why?”. Just think about it.


When we start to complain about hitting rock bottom or anything, does complaining make the situation any better? No. So, why do it? Complaining only makes the situation worse or leads us into a dark place. Meaning, we have already thought about the situation whatever it may be and more than likely you are only thinking of the negative. Don’t do that. Just take your time to process everything. Then I want you to pray. Don’t complain to your peers or ask them anything. Don’t even complain to yourself. Talk to God instead. Talk to him about why you are in the situation you are in, talk to him about why things aren’t working out the way you want. Ask him to guide you, there is nothing wrong with asking God for help. That is what He wants us to do, but don’t ask for his help and run when he gives you the answers.


Do you remember earlier when I said, “Poor, middle age and, the rich complain?” Okay, good. Each of these classes and I do mean ALL. So now you are wondering why I possibly included “The Rich” and possibly thinking “Of course the poor and the middle class would complain they struggle the most.”. Well, the truth is money does not solve all “rich” people problems at all. It can buy them all the luxuries in life that may be seen as joy bringers. Unfortunately, money does not heal nor help with mental issues. So yeah, rich people do complain and even when they can not get help, what do they do? Spend more money and for what, to still be upset about the same thing and again complain. At the end of the day they are humans, and we are all humans, and we all have problems. Some are just more grand than others, so we all complain, that’s just how it is. Like I said we can have everything and we can have nothing, we will always complain about something and it will lead us to darker places. We all have dark moments that’s just how life is. Just remember some of the richest and famous people in the world still commit suicide, and I am sure it was not because of the amount of money they had in their bank account. They just weren’t happy or had some serious personal issues that they just didn’t want to deal with anymore.

Be positive, sit down and breathe and remember to pray to God and ask him for direction.



As I close my blooming petals for today, just remember despite everything that may be going on do not complain. I know we can not help but do it almost all the time, but it's only going to make things seem darker than they actually are. Be positive, sit down and breathe and remember to pray to God and ask him for direction.