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Chosen People

Sunday Reflection

Chosen People



This is solely based on what I have learned in church today and also a reflection. The prayer is by my pastor (Rev. Malcolm). Enjoy!


Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you that you teach us not to give up but to keep going even when we find things difficult. Thank you that you never give up on anyone and are always here for us. We ask that you help us day by day, so that we may learn to do our very best in every way. Amen


Bible Verse: For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the scriptures and the encouragement they provide, we might have hope. Romans 15:4   


This Bible verse gives me hope. When I say that, I mean it gives me hope in life. To know that everything I go through, I know I can not do it alone and that I need to depend on God. Every time you are going through trials and tribulations, there is always a Bible verse present waiting for you to read. The bible verses and stories are there to uplift us in faith, hope, and love. 


·            We all need friends to get through life’s journey. We really can’t do it alone; it is really good to have at least one good friend who is there for you. Through the good and bad.


·            We are going to have difficulties but, we must still have Faith because when God blesses us, it will be AMAZING.  The moment you lose faith is when you may just really hit rock bottom. Whatever you do, keep praying and know that God is working on you and your situation.


·            Be persistent. Do not give up, no matter how hard the struggle. The result will always be worth it.

·            Nothing is too difficult when you have God. There is nothing he can’t handle. Think about it. Why would He put you in a situation he knew you couldn’t handle? Just ask him to guide you through it all.


·            When God brings you up, bring someone up with you. (Help them as God helped you). This is so important; we should always help a friend or someone we know who is serious about their goals in life.  Especially if you are well established, you can guide them along the way. Let them rise with you and hustle together.


·            Every setback is to make our Faith stronger (there is a God). All God wants you to do is, trust in him, ask him what you want and pray about it. He will make a way.


·            Connect with people who have strong Faith. I strongly believe that this helps your faith to be stronger. When you are around positive people who continue to grow positively, you begin to gain those same traits.


·            Pray with friend or partner who is struggling, have Faith for them and watch God work.


·            Let Jesus see your Faith. 


·            NOTHING in life is a race. Just because you started late or last, you just may pass everyone else and come out on top. There are so many stories of this kind of thing happening to people. Especially those around me. Just stay in your lane, work hard, and you will get there. 


·            Use your own story as a testimony to help and uplift others. Trust me; this will become someone else’s breakthrough.


I felt the need to share this today because, a few months ago, I was struggling with my issues and experiencing self-doubt. I did not talk about it, because I’m learning to be stronger than I already am. Although I have realized, I can not do it all on my own and that I do need God. All my trust just needs to go to Him. It just so happens that in church, this is what my pastor spoke about.  I just thought why not share what I learned. I started to cry in church, and that’s not a normal thing for me. However, it did feel good to release those emotions. 


Until then continue to bloom and grow in light of all the negative that may be going on in your life. Remember it will pass one day. KEEP YOUR FAITH!!!