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She's a Beautiful Orchid

Picking Flowers

She's a Beautiful Orchid


Have you ever seen an Orchid flower? Have you ever met the human version of the Orchid flower? Do you believe in beauty at first sight? What about, knowing the unique meaning of this flower?


Yes, people!!! Today I welcome you to my garden of Orchid flowers. The flower that is so popular with many persons, especially in the landscaping world. The name that sounds so unique and exotic when you hear it; you would think “who would name their child “Orchid””? This is a flower that has so much beauty; that to appreciate its uniqueness you must: see it in person, touch it and smell it. The different colors it comes in, it can make your garden go from dry and blunt to bold and beautiful. The flower symbolizes and represents so many things straight down to the male and female anatomy. This flower is indeed a special one to my heart and my family for reasons I will explain in a few. So, please walk into my garden as we view the different Orchid flowers and see why this is indeed a unique flower.

The name Orchid is derived from the Greek name “orchis” meaning testicle. Unlike other flowers, the Orchid flower has a geometrical shape (the petals). This exotic flower has several meanings such as love, friendship, integrity, elegance/beauty, and passion.

 The flower itself represents sexuality because it been associated with fertility and virility. In ancient times it was believed that consuming the root tubers could determine the sex of the unborn fetus. “Kind of interesting when you think about it, don’t you think?” Want to know something really cool about the physical appearance of the Orchid flower? Well, the inside of the flower especially the “lip” of the flower looks like the labia of a females’ vagina. It sounds weird, but seriously, if you look at the actual flower, it looks like a females’ vagina. Me personally, I found it kind of fascinating because it’s a very feminine part of the females’ body; so the Orchid flower is very femme. “Don’t you think?” Most persons who have Orchid flowers in their garden don’t just love them because of their colors and how they may look, but for how long they last after they bloom. Some bloom from winter to spring, spring to summer and summer to fall. Orchids usually bloom 2 to 3 times a year and for some only once a year. For the most part, the flowers remained open and flourished for about 1 to 3 weeks minimum and 6 to 8 weeks’ maximum.

Photographer: Odette

Photographer: Odette

 Now that you all know some history on the name Orchid, where it originated from, how it looks and their season. Just by walking through my garden you may be thinking “What does each color Orchid represent?” Well to answer your question lets get straight to it!!!

•    Red: strength and courage

•    Blue: rarity, spirituality, and meditation

•    Green: nature, good health, and longevity

•    Yellow: new beginnings and friendship

•    White: beauty, elegance, and innocence

•    Purple: admiration and respect

•    Lavender: style, grace, and feminine

•    Orange: boldness, pride, and enthusiasm

 So, depending on what color you give to someone that is the message you are giving to them; despite its beauty always think of the color meaning when you are giving it to that special lover or friend. My favorite Orchid flower color is the black one. YES!! There are a black Orchid flowers * giggles *. Well, no there isn’t a black Orchid flower actually it’s a dark rich purple, but it just looks black. For me, this is my favorite because it is rare to see a flower that looks so rich and black to the naked human eye. Even though this color Orchid does not have a meaning, for me it represents the dark side of beauty. We all know beauty for having rich colors and happy meanings but what about the dark beauty colors. That is what is rare and unique about it to me. The flower represents the feminist and beauty of a strong black woman. A black woman who can go through hell and back and still look beautiful like she was never broken, and stand out from the crowd.

 In the beginning, I asked the question: “Have you ever met the human version of an Orchid flower?”  If you said “no.” then oh my goodness.  Anyway… I have!!! On a serious note, I do know a person, and their name is Orchid. We are very close to our relationship, and I love them dearly. But I am not here to speak about our relationship, I want to talk about the human version that I grew close to know. For starters Orchid actually reminds me of the flower itself: calm, peaceful, elegant and a feminist. The young lady is very quiet and, but she doesn’t have to say much to be noticed. Her accent alone would catch your attention because by looking at her you wouldn’t expect her to sound the way she does. Her tone of voice is so calm and collective that it can relax your mind especially if you are angry. Her smile and white teeth are so bright like the “white orchid flower” you might need a pair of sunglasses when she smiles at you. Her smooth milk chocolate skin color will make you want to buy some delicious milk chocolate to eat. When you look into her soft dark brown eyes it makes you think “innocence” …just pure innocence; the question is “Is she really innocent?” She has a curiosity about her that makes you want to question her, but she will leave you clueless. However, her charm is beautiful and endearing. She surely is a nice and quiet person but oh please, do not take advantage of that. For she will surprise you with that fire and passion that burns inside of her so that you know not to cross her. But she will do it in a way where you won’t feel offended but only a little so you know not to “try” her. She won’t do it with me though * giggles * because I am the crazy one and she loves me too much. She almost reminds me of an owl. We all know in most cases an owl represents intelligence, a person who likes to read books, or someone who stays up late at night. Well, that is her. She loves to read different novels doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non-fiction. She will stay in a quiet space alone and just read her books until she has quenched her thirst for reading. Her strength and courage I admire just like the “red Orchid flower” she can go through bad times like any human, but it won’t show because she knows that she will fight and get through it with determination and dedication. Sometimes her emotions are so deep and powerful that words can not express them at times. Just like the “green Orchid flower” she appreciates nature to its fullest extent. Any flower, tree or animal that catches her eyes she is quick to learn more about it. And, just like the “blue Orchid flower,” she is rare and one of a kind. It is truly amazing how her parents named her after the exotic flower and didn’t even realize that she represents the human version of the “Orchid flower.”


Photographer: Odette

Photographer: Odette

The question is, “What is her favorite Orchid flower?” Her favorite Orchid flower is the orange one with the purple detail on it. If I had to compare the human Orchid to this particular Orchid flower, I would say…. this suite the human version of the Orchid flower perfectly. Reason being: she is someone to admire to the highest respect, and she has a bit of pride but her enthusiasm to get the things done is pure dedication.


“Why did you do this comparison between the flower and the human?” I did this because for starters the flower itself is beautiful, but the human version that I grew up with is even more magnificent. To have her in my life is extremely important to me. She is the one who can keep me calm in any situation, well… almost all. She is my “tweedle-dee,” and I am her “tweedle-dumb.” She is the one that keeps me to the cross, and I am the one who makes her get outside of her little box. Her personality matches just about all colors of the Orchid flower family, each little color meaning is inside of her. Some may just outshine the other, but that is fine.

“Come on everyone!! We are leaving the Orchid garden now…she wants to rest.” * closes the garden door *. “We are going to the Jasmine garden next.”  I hope you all enjoyed this tour that I did today. I appreciate you walking through the garden with me as I explained the flower Orchid vs. human Orchid. We shall be doing this again soon. Until then, “bloom” into your own personal flower as we continue our journey of “Picking Flowers.”

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