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Royalty of The Garden

Picking Flowers

Royalty of The Garden


Did everyone enjoy their lemonade? I see you found the Azalea garden and cooling off. Well, its time to get up because we are going on an extraordinary tour today in this beautiful Azalea Garden. Yes, I know the name is not a common name, and that is why I love it so much. Not to mention the name of my blog is called “Blooming with Azalea.” *giggles *So far everyone enjoyed the Orchid Garden and the Jasmine Garden; now its time for you all to enjoy Azalea.  Grab your last sip of lemonade and put on your hats because its time to begin the tour. I hope you all are as excited as I am. Oh, by the way, keep your ears open for a fun fact about Azalea. She isn’t just a flower and most importantly if you have been following my blog post and some of the photos I post of a beautiful young lady then you already know who Azalea is. 

*jumps up and down with excitement while bending and breaking branches * Well will you look at that!!! All these different color Azaleas. Yes, I am positive these aren’t Hibiscus flowers even though they do remind me of them as well. Aren’t these flowers pretty? If you say no… you need to leave because I am officially offended. Just joking. Azalea flowers is another beauty shrub for the hottest time of year which is summer. They begin to grow in the spring and continue their growth in the summer months. I know you may be thinking “Where did the word Azalea come from.” The name Azalea derived from the Greek word “Azaleos” meaning dry. Although the name is derived from Greek, Azaleas first grew in China and Japan and later on grew in parts of the world such as North America and eastern parts of Asia. “Hey you in the back, please stop trying to pick my flowers. Thank You.”

The Azalea flower has several general meanings such as: taking care of someone, temperance, homesick, elegance and wealth, passion, abundance, and death threat. I will explain in detail in a bit what exactly the meanings for the flower is for. Azaleas are also known as the “Royalty of the Garden” this is because of the profusion of their flowers and their adaptability to many different conditions. “Come on everyone let’s stand over here. I want to show you all something.”

 If you notice right where we are standing, you see several things. The first being some of the Azaleas have 5 petals, and some have 7 and can double up to 30 petals. The petals are small, unlike most Hibiscus flowers their petals are larger and have 5 petals. So this is how I tell the difference between the two beautiful flowers. Azaleas can grow up to 2.5 meters tall but most only grow to half that size, and they love to grow under the shades of trees. Okay, guys, you know their history, where the name Azalea derived from, their physical attributes and now… What is next? What’s next is …. Drum roll, please. No like seriously, nobody. No. nobody… okay then, awkward. *giggles *. The different colors Azaleas come in and the meaning for each color. Are you ready? GREAT!!! As you can see I only have a few colors in my garden for now of course until I can get some more seeds and plant other colors. So let’s begin.

1.    White Azalea: Purity and Innocence. These Azaleas are usually used as wedding decorations and other celebrations.

2.    Red Azalea: Love and passion towards someone. Of course, if you are in love, this is the perfect color Azalea to get her or him instead of red roses all the time. 

3.    Dark Pink: This one isn’t as serious as the red Azalea; however this represents romantic feelings as well.

4.    Purple Azalea: Royalty and respect. This color can be given to someone you appreciate and admire or if you want to thank someone for something they did to or for you. 

5.    Yellow Azalea: Family and friendship of course!! This color also represents positivity and happiness. Want to attract happiness and positive energy into your garden and home; this is the color flower to get.

 Come on everyone let’s sit over here in the shade for a while and talk some more. *sits down and takes a sip of water * Now guys I do have a special guest of mine who will be joining us very soon; until then let’s talk about the messages and meaning behind the Azalea flower. Remember earlier I said I would go into detail about the Azalea flower. Well now is that time; listen carefully and pay close attention. Azalea is a symbolism of a few things. The first being a symbolism of Feminine Beauty; secondly, it is a symbolism to the abundance of intelligence and beauty. Thirdly, it symbolizes that you should be taking care of yourself, family and friends. They should always feel love and respect from you. The Azalea flower can express passion. So men if you are attracted to her and feel passion towards her the Azalea flower will show your emotions towards the person. If you send an Azalea flower to your family when you are away from home, it actually means you are homesick and thinking of them.  “Who knew the Azalea flower meant so much in for different occasions?” It is believed that in China the Azalea flower is a representation of wealth and elegance and that’s why it is so prevalent in China. 

PLOT TWIST!!!! Don’t stare at me like I am crazy for saying that. I said it for a reason, and this reason is that… it actually has a dark meaning. The dark meaning and symbolism of the Azalea flower is a “Death Threat.” It is believed that when you send Azaleas to someone in a black vase, it means death is coming, or they are being threatened to be killed. Creepy right? I thought so too. However, there is no need to worry because Azaleas have so much more positive meanings than negative. Did you know Azaleas have a secret message? Do you want to guess? Yes? No? Maybe so? The secret message is “To care for yourself and those around you. Never forget where you came from and stay in control of your emotions and actions for success in life.” Now that is powerful. Don’t you think?  That meant so much to me when I found that out because sometimes I find myself not caring for myself and putting others before myself which I am slowly learning not to do. Also, for me, it reminds me to stay humble even with my struggles with myself personally, family and all my other relationships. To keep sane and know that once I am in control of my life I can be successful in life. I am not perfect, and I am not ashamed to say I have personally “effed” up in some points of my life, but that’s fine. There is no rule book for this thing called LIFE. I am learning to have more control over my emotions and actions, and there are days I can’t control it, but hey like I said before I am far from perfect. Don’t judge me I am just being honest because at the end of the day no one is perfect.

Well well well… look who it is. My close friend and Poet writer Celeste. Please welcome her as she joins us in the garden. Now if you have been following my blog post you would remember her visit from the post “Bowls of Empty Words: I Love vs. I Lust You.” She wrote the poem in that blog post, and I reflected on it and explained what I think it meant. Well, she is here again with a poem about Azalea. This time the poem is not about the flower Azalea but the human Azalea. Can you guess who Azalea is? 

Artwork & Poem By :  Celeste

Artwork & Poem By: Celeste

So if you haven’t figured out who Azalea is or who she is talking about; she indeed is talking about me. *giggles * yes Azalea is my name but that is my middle name. Odette is my first name, and Azalea, as I said, is the middle. That is why I am so excited about this topic today and giving you a tour of the Azalea garden.  I hope you all enjoyed that poem as much as I did. I didn’t know she paid that much attention to me. I am loved. * Wipes tears away* . Gosh this sun is too hot but stay tuned guys I will be making a post about this beautiful poem. However, what I will say is this, the fact that she said “She became as fierce a flower as she is a fierce woman.” That means so much to me because I don’t think I am that fierce but if she said that then I guess it is true.

Alright everyone lets go in the fields. Don’t look at me like that… we are going to visit Daisy.

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