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Welcome to #NakedTruthBWA

Our Mission

Welcome to #NakedTruthBWA


The Naked Truth Campaign is an upcoming project reflecting on a person's capability of emitting self-love. Our mission is to allow people to expose themselves to the raw truth of who they are. I want to use this campaign to create a platform where people of all walks of life can show their bare truth. If you have any form of insecurity, disabilities, or flaws, you can leave everything "hanging" and allow yourself to be able to express who you are entirely.

 The mission is to ensure that everyone, whether male or female, especially in the Caribbean, learns to embrace their true self; while simultaneously uplifting others along the way. The main goal is to help to build others self-confidence and or esteem. I believe that this project will encourage this generation and future generations to develop the capacity, while fully acknowledging the importance of putting both their physical and mental health first.

 This project will be the introduction to an open umbrella of many more self-projects to come.

 The meaning of NakedTruth is to show oneself their "Bare Truth" spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. This means being liberated from the lies and finding freedom in the truth. It means that you no longer hide or run from what makes you insecure but to accept it and to live in your physical truth.

 Stay tuned for future posts, new hashtags, and I hope you join in on this new project!!