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My Secret Garden

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My Secret Garden


“I like to be a free sprit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am” – Princess Diana. This quote has so much meaning towards it especially to me, it means; not wanting to feel isolated however, persons may prefer me to be that way but that’s not who I am.  Imagine having a secret hideaway that belongs to you and only you. Somewhere so secretive that only God himself knows. It is a private getaway from all the realities of life where you can just relax and reflect on yourself. If you can believe it, I have found just that. Picture an enclosed place where I can escape, to be alone at peace and in Zen mood. It is where I can enjoy being free-spirited and no one but me knows its location. I can watch the beautiful birds sing, observe tasteful fruits being produced, and gorgeous flowers grow with an enchanted scent, this place is “My Secret Garden” located in my backyard however; its importance is a mystery that only I was able to solve, me and me only.

Photographer: Odette Cherry Tree - Exuma, The Bahamas

Photographer: Odette
Cherry Tree - Exuma, The Bahamas

 The fruits are self-sufficient meaning; being able to provide for one self when there is no food around. Cherry, pear, mango, guava, banana and numerous other kinds of fruit trees idle in my garden waiting to be consumed. The fruits are healthy and wholesome for the mind and soul and a bonus, is that I can eat it all at my leisure. These natural nutrients and vitamins give me strength instead of taking man kind supplements. It is natural source of energy that I need; to take me through out the day to keep me conscious and revitalized. My favorite of all time is the cherry tree. Why you may ask? Red cherries contain melatonin, which helps to fight against harmful toxins. They contain high levels of antioxidants, which are beneficial to the human body, based on research in my early years of education learning.

 The birds that harbor around my garden are gorgeous creatures that hide in the trees, they seem to be so free-spirited because they can fly all around to different places and enjoy the views from high or low and nobody tells them what to do. As I walk around my garden, I listen to the natural music of the birds singing. It reminds me of having my own mini choir of all the animals singing together. Believe it or not, the earth does have music if you just listen carefully. The question is; what do you hear? When I put my ears out, I hear the essence. It’s so startling to perceive birds feeding and providing for their little ones; just like humans it is self sufficient and amazing to watch. Every time I am in my secret garden there is one particular bird that stands out. I feel like the bird waits for me to come and visit so I can admire its beauty and then it flies away. The bird is white, with an extensive beak, tall skinny black legs and smooth beautiful feathers. After several visits I named the bird and since I am uncertain of its gender the name given was Gabriel. This is simply because it is like observing an angel walking with me in my hideaway. I feel like the bird makes my secret garden a calm place, every time I see it, the garden looks even more beautiful than it is already.

Photographer: Odette

Photographer: Odette

 My secret garden is sacred to me because it is beautiful and gives me a peace of mind. In spite of it being in close proximity to home, I never have to worry about wondering far enough to get lost or terrified of any strangers invading the area. No one has to disturb me and question me about why am always in the garden or try to kick me out because; it is “my” getaway from everyone. The best part is that I can do whatever I want, when I want and how I want. Meaning I don’t have to listen to my parents telling me what to do or even punish me for playing with a ball and throwing it around. Sometimes I bring a huge pool towel with me just so I can lie on the grass and watch the sunset. There is also a white bench in my garden just in case I don’t want to lie on the ground. I feel relaxed and free spirited every time. There is no stress just positive vibes.  

 The question may be asked, how is your secret garden a free spirited place if it’s in your backyard?  As I reflect on the question the answer is simple. It’s in my backyard and nobody goes in the back there because everyone prefers to stay inside. Meanwhile everyone is fascinated with returning a whatsapp message, missed calls or catching up with their latest television shows or sports, I love taking time out to listen to my own thoughts and just be in the moment. I enjoy going outside and appreciating what God has created and put on this earth. Vincent Van Gogh once said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere” and he was right. Sometimes I take photographs just to show persons such as; friends and family how beautiful nature is and can be and to capture those moments for memories. I love nature for countless reasons, reasons that others may not. Whether it is to be myself, slow down time or appreciate the life I was blessed with.

 You remember who you truly are as an individual; you don’t have to put on a poker face for anyone or anything. The inner you is revealed and that is true. It reminds me of death. It may sound weird but think about it, when you see a dying tree especially if its one that you favor the most, you try to give it special attention by watering it more and do other things to make it last. However, you notice a new one growing in its place. Just like humanity when a loved one is dying you begin to appreciate them even more than you did before. You start to pay more attention to them and attempt to take more care of them as much as possible just to let them live longer. Time slows down. If you’re a person who lives in a city everything is always a blur, however when you’re in an enclosed place surrounded by nature everything just seems to slow right down. You forget about the term paper you have to write or the argument you just had a few minutes ago with someone. You uncover whom you really are, and different things you may or may not like.

Lyford Cay Beach - Nassau, The Bahamas

Lyford Cay Beach - Nassau, The Bahamas

 I am extremely inquisitive and love to discover new things. Therefore, when I discovered my secret garden, it became very personal to me that I knew I could use to disconnect from everything. Since I love being free spirited and alone it gives me time to reflect on myself to discover who am as an individual. So far it seems that I am a mixture of an introvert, which is a person who can be shy at times and an extrovert, which is an outgoing expressive person.

Not every secret garden has to be a “secret”; it can simply be a place that nobody likes to go to but you. A secret garden to me is any place that’s calm, peaceful, and quiet. Somewhere you can be alone reflect, relax and rejuvenate. It is a place that I can express myself and be free spirited, watch beautiful birds sing, observe tasteful fruits and eat them and, gorgeous flowers grow with a magical scent.

“I like to be a free sprit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am” – Princess Diana