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About Me

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What it means to bloom

About my Blog

First and foremost, I would like to say Thank You for visiting my blogging website. Now let's get straight to it, shall we! The name of my blog, as you can see is called "Blooming with Azalea". It is an opinionated guide that focuses on different topics that I believe can help others in their personal lives. I want to use my platform as a way to encourage and to uplift persons who may be feeling down, insecure or just in search of a good read. I know you may be asking, "What makes your blog different from others?" The answer.... is quite simple! I am a very expressive person; thus, I feel like I need to let my voice be heard! So that’s what this blog is for. To speak about everything and anything. I do not have one niche I want to focus on, but rather a collection of opinions that I want to share with you, my viewers.  Like things about elevating yourself, self-love, SEX, lol you know, the whole secret part of the world no one seems to want to talk about. You'll find that my blog surpasses the status quo of everyday simple topics. You will find no discrimination here. I pledge to always be true for you guys. With that being said, it does not matter if you are young or older, as a famous Bahamian saying says, "Age is nothing but a number,” so everyone should feel welcome.

A little about me

So once again, hello everyone!! My name is Odette. I am currently in my 20's and I am an Ambivert. I enjoy trying to live my "best life" here on earth by helping others who I meet along the way to do the same. If I had to choose a few words to describe myself...... I would say I am; determined, passionate, inquisitive, inspiring and very convincing! I enjoy helping others by giving advice, especially to those close to me with problems (even though I'm oblivious when it comes to my own problems, lol). I can honestly say that helping others actually makes me feel so much better. I know I am not perfect and that I have problems just like everyone else, however, I try my best to prevent it from consuming me. When things get a little too tough, I just sit back and breath and remember that I am in control of MY LIFE. As it stands, apart from being an ambivert,  I am a bit of a "perfectionist". For me, everything has to be done as I envisioned it to be. As I grow older, however, I learned that being a perfectionist became one of my biggest weaknesses, but hey, I'm working on that and I will help you work on it too! Besides that, I enjoy being around friends and family and having a great time. Whether it's staying at home and watching a movie or being in a small setting with a small group and making jokes or just reminiscing about the beauty of what life is.


My Story

Where do I start.......*scratches head *. Well, I'll be honest, at one point in time, I felt like everything in my world was literally crumbling down. Things were not working out and it felt like every path I chose led to a lock, that seem to open for everyone, but me.  It really started to take a toll on me. Judgment started to creep and so much people began to criticize me. Then depression slowly started to suffocate me. I became angry, sad and lonely. I needed a way out. There was a time when listening to music would have calmed me down and today it still does, most times. But I find that writing saved me. So, I started writing a public journal about different topics. This helped me to stand in front of the depression, the anger and sadness by giving me a way to escape; a way for me to release how I felt without really telling people what was going on. I began posting them daily and surprisingly persons started to comment and share my little scribblings, but they weren't just scribblings any more, my words were like food to a starving man. My words were helping and encouraging people. It got to a point where people I didn’t know began asking me for advice. Honestly, I never saw myself as a writer or "blogger" per say but God has a strange way of putting you on paths that you are meant to be on. I am extremely thankful for this journey I am on and I pray that it keeps moving forward through God. 

What's Next!!!!

Now that you all know me and who I am as a person, about my blog and my story you can.......wait for......  CLICK ON A LINK OR TAB!! Why are you waiting for the grass to grow? Go on, click a tab and read a blog. Let me know how you feel, comment and subscribe!!!