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Planting Seeds of Patience

“THE SEEDS OF LIFE” - 6P's of Life

The seeds you sow become the flower you wish to grow. When you make the decision to sow positively it becomes a habit. It changes how you see yourself and construct the perspective you have on the world. But, you can not just plant the seed, you must also “feed” it. You must be persistent. You won’t grow a garden over night however, all you need is patience. Time will past and your seed will become a blooming flower. All you can do is wait and pray.

Planting Seeds of Patience


What is your definition of patience? Do you have patience, even if it’s just a little? Did you know that patience is a seed and a virtue that we all need in our lives?

Hey you!! Let us go to the gardening store and pick up some more seeds of life. We are looking for “The Seeds of Patience.”  Yes, I said patience, because we need it in our everyday lives whether you believe it or not; so, we better start planting them in our garden now.  I know you are wondering why I am making you plant these seeds, but by the end of this conversation, hopefully, you will see why I chose these seeds today. So, are you ready? Let’s get planting.

 Patience. You may be wondering what my definition of this word is… but, does it really matter? *giggles * I am only joking. On a serious note, my meaning of patience would be, “the ability to bear annoyance, irritation, anger, etc. without having to complain. Being able to tolerate difficult times or being provoked without answering someone back or snapping back in any way. Basically restraining yourself from responding negatively and being able to tolerate any situation that may be happening in your life temporarily.” I know… such an extended definition, right? Well, to be honest, I had a moment of flashbacks when I had to force myself to be patient on numerous occasions. So yeah, my definition is kind of lengthy, but that’s okay. Between you and me, I could really work on my patience, and even though I actually tolerate a lot, I still think I can work on this some more. Ever had road rage so bad you actually reflected on how you reacted to someone driving stupidly? ME!!!! Don’t worry you are not alone.  However, my main focus with you today is learning to have patience with yourself and your life journey.  So, let us get into it.

 How patient are you with yourself? Do you find that you try to rush things in your life because you are being impatient? Well, my love, I hate to tell you this but stop, please. Stop trying to rush things in your life and stop getting so frustrated. Learn to be patient with yourself. Stop stressing your own self out because you want everything to happen all at once. I know it may be difficult, but you need to learn to wait. Trust me you won’t regret it. It was hard for me to learn this at one point in time because I wanted everything to happen on my time. I didn’t care who or what was getting in my way my mindset was “I want it, and I want it NOW.” Despite persons telling me life does not work that way, I didn’t care to listen to them because I was so impatient about everything. Eventually, I had to learn the hard way which caused me to have a lot of emotional and mental breakdowns, but I will save that story for another time. However, what I will say is that being patient was one of the best things that I could learn about this “thing” called “life.” After all the best thing comes to those, who wait.

“How many seeds of patience have you planted so far?” we have a lot to plant, so don’t get tired yet. Life is all about learning, and it’s a journey. We all need to learn to enjoy the roller coaster ride and have fun. You will drop to a 90-degree angle, you will have twist and turns, go up and down; laugh a little and scream a lot and who knows you may even cry. But once you reach the end, you will smile and breathe because at the end of the day you survived and can look back and say “I made it!!!”. You will grow along the way that is one thing for sure, and patience will be one of them so brace yourself.  I know you may be thinking “I can not see my progress in life; therefore, I am losing patience.” But think about yourself on a roller coaster. You can barely see how far along you are on the roller coaster because you are so caught up in everything that is going on, on the ride. Therefore, you are so caught up in everything in life and working hard to accomplish everything you could barely see how much progress you have made. Sometimes, you have to pause for a moment and look at how far you have come to appreciate your own progress truly. Again I say, just like a roller coaster. Look at how it pauses mid-way, and you take a moment to breathe, and if you dare to look back, you see how much of the roller coaster you’ve already passed then you are happy because the ride is almost done. It’s okay to look back to see how far you have come. Just know your hard work is paying off whatever that situation is, you just need patience! Everything takes time, so sit still for God sake; you can’t have everything all at once. If that were the case, we would never have anything to look forward to in life.

 I must say patience does help us to tolerate more, more than we thought we could. I believe that it also increases our Faith sometimes; because just knowing that you are staying positive and waiting for something good to happen that’s some serious faith and patience. It can get annoying at times because it feels like forever for something to work out and because at some point we start to get anxious. Which is normal but learn to control it. Patience is a real virtue in life. Why? You may ask. Well, that is because patience requires a lot of self-control. Self- control is “allowing yourself to refrain from something that you want to do but don’t do anyway because it is not in your best interest at that moment.” Patience is a virtue because it helps with encouraging our moral codes to be more positive it also encourages us to be more tolerant of everything we do. One piece of advice I will say to you is “make the very best out of your situation, I don’t care what it is. Patience will carry you very far in life and will help you grow.”

 Okay, get the hose we need to water these seeds for a while. Don’t be lazy go get the hose!!!! Being patient isn’t about being lazy even though there are some who may think otherwise. It's not like you are sitting on your ass just waiting for everything to fall in your lap. What matters is… what you do in the meantime.

It’s a matter of knowing things will work out in due time, and in the main time focus on what is in front of you.
— O.A.B

What’s for you will be for you and what’s not for you won’t be. It just won’t happen during the time you will like it to. So my “Blooming Flower” I have one more question for you. What has patience taught you in life? No matter how little or much you have. *sips water * now that you have answered I know you are wondering about me. Even if you aren’t, too bad, I am still going to tell you anyway. *giggles * so patience has taught me four things in particular from personal experiences.

 1.    It has helped me to produce good qualities characteristically

2.    The way I observe situations and how I deal with them

3.    It showed me I can tolerate situations for a longer duration

4.    Taught me how strong my Faith can be

 Time to go inside!!!!! It is hot as hell, and I am tired. I must say, I am so glad I got you to plant some “Seeds of Patience” today. You must remember to water these seeds, so they bloom into beautiful plants. This garden is going to look so beautiful, I am super excited. Just remember to be patient, be positive, have persistence, promise to follow your passion despite the roller coaster ride and stay prayed up!

Your time is coming; just keep going.
— O.A.B

 P.S. have you noticed my 6 Ps of life?

What do you think you have to work on?

Where do you feel you need to improve?

Do you remember any situation that having patience could have provided a better outcome?