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Get You A Cup Of Positivity!

“THE SEEDS OF LIFE” - 6P's of Life

The seeds you sow become the flower you wish to grow. When you make the decision to sow positively it becomes a habit. It changes how you see yourself and construct the perspective you have on the world. But, you can not just plant the seed, you must also “feed” it. You must be persistent. You won’t grow a garden over night however, all you need is patience. Time will past and your seed will become a blooming flower. All you can do is wait and pray.

Get You A Cup Of Positivity!


Do you start your day off with positive affirmations? Are you the kind of person that is positive in negative situations? Did you know that positivity leads to more happiness; where as being negative leads to being miserable? Why should we be positive?

 Hey you!! Yes, you!! “why are you looking so miserable with your mouth fixed looking like a duck?”. You look a little miserable there.  The question is “why?”, And if you are, just know that things will be okay. You just need a cup of positivity. So, let us sit down and have a chit-chat about positivity. * sits down with a cup of green tea *, “This tea is delicious.”. Positivity; a word we should all know, and that should be a part of our lives for many reasons. Reasons we will talk about in a few. Being positive means overcoming the negative. Not letting anything deter you even when things are not looking up in your favor. When you are positive, you tend to be happier and more immune to the negative; you tend to see the light in every situation even if the light is small and you need a microscope to see it.

 So, let's talk about being positive in adverse situations and how your attitude actually can be affected by this. Firstly, let me start off by saying this: positive mind, positive vibe and positive life. Everything that you experience you need to be positive or have a positive outlook on it. Being negative and having a negative perspective on things won’t help the situation. It only makes the case seem 10x worse than it is or really has to be. Even better, when you get up for work in the morning, and you are already thinking “I hate going to work, I want to stay home today……. I really hate the people I work with.”. That there is already setting your mood and attitude for work, then as soon as walk through the door and persons start asking you work related questions you’re already irritated. That shouldn’t be! Even if you hate your job you need to remember at one point in time, you needed a job and needed the money, and there was a point in time where you wish you didn’t have to stay home because of how bored you may have been. Don’t make yourself miserable by being negative, it’s not a good attitude to have. So, remember that the next time you want to be negative about your work find the positive in your job; whether it's your co-workers who make you laugh all day or the fact you get free lunch (if its good) or simply be positive for the experiences and lessons you gain from your job. You won’t have a good day every day but it sure as hell is worth it to be positive. “The difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” – Unknown. I challenge you to think positively as much as possible, and you will notice a change in your perspective.

 Now, you may be thinking “How do I be positive in a negative situation; how do I overcome the negative when things aren’t looking up?”. Well. I will be honest it won’t always be easy. You will have days where you feel like your faith is being tested for the greater good or worse. However, it doesn’t mean being negative towards it. Place it into Gods hands, have faith, know everything happens for a reason and everything will work out. To answer the question in more depth, I would say shoot your best shot at the situation, no matter how hard it gets, do your best. When being positive in a negative situation, it shows you are being optimistic in the situation whatever it may be. Being optimistic means: looking forward and being confident, have tunnel vision and keep in mind what you may or what you want to accomplish. Just look toward the horizon and smile. Did you know that when you stay positive in a negative situation, it shows that you are a leader? This is because when you are confident it attracts a person, it's almost like a magnet.  “Would you rather pull towards a negative attitude of someone or be attracted to someone who is always positive?”. Positive attitude and energy are what makes some of the best and favorable leaders in the world attractive. Another reason being… it helps with production. Usually when working or dealing with a situation despite how hard or annoying it may be; once you have a positive attitude, if not everything almost everything seems to be more manageable. Think about it, green positive energy = positive results (for the most part). Lastly, your personal attitude; it is as simple as if someone sees you trying to be positive they may usually follow in your footsteps and be positive as well or they would be right behind you to support you despite how they may be feeling. However, if they want to stay being negative, then that’s their business!! You stay right there and drink your cup of positivity.

Overcoming the negative when things are not looking up, can also be an obstacle for many persons, including me, so don’t feel bad, you are NOT alone. This is a real challenge for myself. When things are not looking up for me, I follow these simple steps of mine, and you should follow them as well.

1.    When you are not feeling positive, listen to your favorite music genre and tune everything else out. Make sure the song is inspirational that makes your mind pour the colors of the rainbow.

2.    Meditate and reflect on how you can approach the situation differently

3.    Positive affirmations and prayer

4.    Never settle. Even if things aren’t looking up just deal with it for now but know that things will get better.

5.    Do not focus on the dark end of the spectrum

6.    Try not to overthink about it. (I am oblivious to this, but I am training myself not to be)   

7.    Do your best and be content that you know you only did your best

8.    Even if you do not succeed just be happy, proud, and confident because you didn’t give up

9.    Surround yourself with good people, especially the ones who make you laugh

10.  Practice gratitude. Be grateful for this obstacle you are facing its happening to you for a reason.

To be in this life, you must be a proton and if you do not know what a proton is, ask a friend who is studying chemistry. * giggles *. Chemistry was not easy for me, but I sure passed.... anyway, in short definition: a proton is a positively charged subatomic particle found in the nucleus of an atom. So what I am trying to say is in the center circle of your life (your mandala flower) you must be the proton energy that stays positive. You grow more when you are positive. So my blooming flower don’t worry about if things aren’t looking up for you right now when the right opportunity arises you better be ready!

Now you are thinking “Why should I be positive?”. Well here are a few reasons why you should be positive.

1.    You overcome more obstacles

2.    Productivity is way better

3.    Social well-being

4.    Health. I know this was a shocker for me as well but when you think about it the happier and positive you are the less stressed and depressed you are. That means no issues mentally.

5.    Motivation and self-esteem

6.    You are more approachable towards others

7.    Better relationships in the workforce and outside

8.    More opportunities headed your way

I must say these reasons do work. Especially at my 9-5 job, some even call me “Rare Sunshine.”

 “A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.” – Unknown. As I stop sowing my “seeds of life” for now just know that a negative mind = negative life and positive mind = positive life. So, hold your head up high, smile and be a rare piece of sunshine where ever the wind takes you in life.  You must find the positivity where and whenever you can; it does not matter what you are dealing with, just find it and keep moving forward. Continue to think and speak positively to yourself and others who are in a dark negative space. If you cannot be positive, then just “shut up” (I don’t mean to seem rude, but nobody has time for negativity). Block out the persons who always appear to be negative that includes family, friends, and acquaintances. Life is way too short to be negative. Continue to have passion in what you want to achieve, promise yourself never to give up and not let things turn you miserable. Be patient with yourself and others, be persistent and stay prayed up.

 Ppppssssstttt. Yeah, you; have you noticed my 6P’s of life yet?

 Are you a positive or negative thinking?

Do find yourself always being negative?

How do you plan to overcome those thoughts?

Will you become the proton of your own circle of life?