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“THE SEEDS OF LIFE” - 6P's of Life

The seeds you sow become the flower you wish to grow. When you make the decision to sow positively it becomes a habit. It changes how you see yourself and construct the perspective you have on the world. But, you can not just plant the seed, you must also “feed” it. You must be persistent. You won’t grow a garden over night however, all you need is patience. Time will past and your seed will become a blooming flower. All you can do is wait and pray.

Planting Seeds of Patience


Hey you!! Let us go to the gardening store and pick up some more seeds of life. We are looking for “The Seeds of Patience.”  Yes, I said patience, because we need it in our everyday lives whether you believe it or not; so, we better start planting them in our garden now. 

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Get You A Cup Of Positivity!


Do you start your day off with positive affirmations? Are you the kind of person that is positive in negative situations? Did you know that positivity leads to more happiness; where as being negative leads to being miserable? Why should we be positive?

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